No, no, this one's on me, I insist

BBC: Go ahead for pensioner tax plan
Kent County Council put forward the proposal which suggested other taxpayers pay slightly more so the rise for pensioners could be held at about 2.5%… other counties have been closely watching the outcome of the Kent proposal and could follow suit as a result of the government's decision.

Here we go. I know, while they're at it, why don't they lower the tax on married couples too, and lower it even more if they've got children (they are our future, after all), and lower it on unmarried women, and unmarried men without beards, and thin people, and cat owners, and vegetarians, and lager drinkers, and wastrels, and vagabonds, and people with body-piercings, and people with criminal records, and people who go to church, and people who live in Scotland or Wales or the south of England, and people who use the council's services the most (think of it as a loyalty bonus), and people who want more CCTV and traffic calming measures, and people who think they should pay less tax than other people, and people whose names don't begin with the letter R…

Tell you what, let's keep it nice and simple: why don't I just pay for everything? Hang on, I'll go and get my cheque book.

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