A date with destiny

On this date in 1963:

  • John F Kennedy died
  • C.S. Lewis died
  • Aldous Huxley died
  • Jen was born

On this date in 1990, Thatcher the Milk Snatcher resigned as UK prime minister.

…And on this date in 2003, those talentless whinging Poms made the Wallabies look like a bunch of Sheilas.

But of course, being English, we won't be unbearably smug about it. We won't spend the next four years reminding the Aussies how we beat them in the last minute of extra time in front of their home crowd to replace them as World Champions. We won't go on and on about it every time we bump into one of our antipodean cousins. No, we will act like gentlemen—just as they would, had the result been reversed.

Yeah, right… In yer face, Kylie!

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