In one of the Liverpool Starbucks™ this afternoon, the chap in front of me was getting more attention than strictly necessary. I thought I recognised him from somewhere, but couldn't place the face—which I guessed meant that he must be a famous sportsman. I don't follow sport much.

"How did you get on in Superstars the other week?" asked the lad serving him. (Bingo!)
"I came third," came the reply.

So, back to the office and a quick search on the BBC website…

Ladies and gentlemen, your host has rubbed shoulders with none other than Olympic cycling gold and bronze medallist, Chris 'My Bike's Made Out of a Washing Machine' Boardman.

Mr Boardman might be a Superstar, but, as celebrity sightings go, he's hardly in the same league as Her Majesty or Philippa Forrester is he?

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