Pseud vs. Dude

Pseud: Andrew O'Hagan (LRB: 04-Mar-04):

… D.J. Enright offered a nicely disgruntled definition of postmodernism in Injury Time, his posthumously published memoir: 'All it suggests,' he writes, 'if that isn't putting it too strongly, is that something comes after something else - as indeed most things do.' What Morrissey does as a lyric-writer and a singer is to make this coming-after a matter of homage and nostalgia, as well as a matter of self-revelation, for him and then for his audience.

Dude: Thomas Jones (LRB: 04-Mar-04):

I never was a boy scout. Not because I had anything against camping, making fires, tying knots, reading maps, climbing trees, playing at soldiers or pretending to be a spy, but because the idea of doing all those things in uniform, under the supervision of a middle-aged man in short trousers, threatened to take the fun out of them.

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