Conversation with my friend the farmer yesterday:

(Me) "I think I'll light a fire tonight."
"We had a cracking fire last night. It was really roaring."
"They're good when they're like that."
"It was so hot, I burnt the cat."
"What, you're not going to try to get me with that old joke!"
"What old joke?"
"How do you make a cat bark?"
"I don't know, how do you make a cat bark?"
"Throw it on the fire and… WOOF!"
"Ha-ha! That's a good one! No—I really burnt the cat."
"Serves it right. Did it get too close to the fire and a spark hit it?"
"No, it was dead, so I put it on the fire. It went up a treat."
"You're a sentimental, old fool at times!"
"I thought you'd be pleased."

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