Incriminating photographs

My mobile phone has a facility whereby you can associate contacts with photographs. When someone in your contacts list calls you, their photo appears on the screen.

Yesterday evening, Jen's young niece asked if she could play with my phone. The following conversation took place:

Niece: Oh look, here's a photograph of Auntie Jen!
Me: Yes, it's a nice photo, isn't it?
Niece: Who's this?
Me: Shh! That's my other girlfriend, Stense. Your Auntie Jen doesn't know about her!
[Niece looks at me suspiciously, then carries on playing with the phone.]
Niece: And who's this?
Me: Shh That's Carolyn, my other other girlfriend… Neither Auntie Jen nor Stense know about her!
[Niece looks at me even more suspiciously, then studies the photo more closely.]
Niece: That's not your girlfriend; that's a supermodel!
Me: What makes you think she's a supermodel?
Niece: Well, she's really pretty, but she isn't smiling—and her hair is all over the place!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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  1. i refer you to the trenches sketch on monty python's matching tie & handkerchief that's your wife....? and that's your dog.....? i see!

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