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BBC: GPs confused by 'manky' patients
A group of foreign doctors left baffled by South Yorkshire slang are being taught the local dialect so they know when their patients feel "champion". The seven Austrians are fluent English speakers but were left confused by patients feeling "jiggered" or "manky"…

  • Ey oop = Hello
  • Fizog = Face
  • Lughole = Ear
  • Jiggered = Exhausted
  • Manky = Rough
  • Our lass = Wife
  • Gipping = Vomiting

Lughole, fizog, jiggered, manky: Yorkshire dialect? I think not! Doesn't everyone in England know and occasionally use them? Fizog is a great word (it's short for physiognomy, don't you know?).

And I'm not even sure about the definitions of the genuinely Yorkshire words. Jen (a 100% Yorkshire lass), also tends to use ey oop as an expression of surprise when something goes wrong (c.f. oops-a-daisy), and, to her, our lass is her sister.

But to gip, meaning to vomit or feel like vomiting, is a wonderful Yorkshire word that has now passed into this incomedun's vocabulary, along with while (until), spawny (lucky), and thoil (tolerate).

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