So much for Ringo

Guardian: Ali, Beckham and Thatcher sketch and scribble for charity

…The drawings are part of a project masterminded by Mr Greig [editor of Tatler magazine] to raise money for a London charity for the homeless, the 999 Club. He sent a number of artists, politicians, writers and sportsmen a miniature leather-bound book, a couple of centimetres tall, and asked them to fill it. The results will be auctioned, with proceeds going to the charity, on Monday.

Lady Thatcher wrote out her "lady's not for turning" speech. Paul McCartney was sent a vegetarian-friendly book, with a binding of acrylic-coated cloth, in which he wrote out the lyrics to Hey Jude, and provided a cheery scribble of a grateful cow, captioned with the word "Ta".

…Mr Greig said: "The biggest surprise is that everyone did it. The most popular British artists, the greatest American pop icon, the greatest and only surviving Beatle…"

Ahem. I think you'll find Paul McCartney isn't the only surviving Beatle, Mr Greig. Are you sure you're not confusing Ringo Starr with Yasser Arafat (who's not been looking too well recently)?

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