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This is the Gruts website's 100th link to: The New Scientist website. I only know this nerdy fact because New Scientist have just revamped their website and, in the process, have moved all of their archive pages. So, suddenly, my 99 previous links were all broken.

That really was very naughty of them. So I went to their contact page and chastised them thuswise:

Aaaaagggghhhhh! You've moved all your pages! How irresponsible is that? Haven't you heard URLs are supposed to last forever? Now I'm going to have to work my way through all my own (permanent) web pages and correct (or more likely remove) every link to articles in New Scientist. Thanks a bunch! This really is extremely annoying.

...Oh yes, and while I'm at it, kill the popup windows, will you?

But I needn't have worried: WildEdit to the rescue!

WildEdit lets you search and replace text across multiple folders in the blink of an eye. It is, therefore, EXTREMELY DANGEROUS—but it works a treat. I bought it a few months back when upgrading WildEdit's sister product, the totally brilliant TextPad text editor (without which, this website would not exist).

If you do a lot of text editing in Windows, do yourself a favour and buy these two excellent tools.

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  1. WildEdit is indeed glorious but have you found a way for it to find things that are just text and differentiate that from text that is part of a link or some such. For example if I replace "gmetalogo" with "gmeta logo" it makes little difference to *text* but it would kill the IMG link to my logo file gmetalogo.jpg because of the space. See what I mean? I just want to edit text that is *text* (content)and not text that is part of something else.

    Can you help?

  2. Gordon,

    Because Wildedit is so powerful, I have only needed to use it on rare occasions, so I'm by no means an expert. I'm sure there is a very clever way of doing what you want, but, whenever I have to do something like you're trying to do, I do it the un-clever way with two separate replaces:

    First replace "gmetalogo" with "gmeta logo",

    then replace "gmeta logo.jpg" with ""gmetalogo.jpg"


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