Stop it, Leo, you're killing me!

There's an interesting article by Charles Nicholl in the latest London Review of Books, entitled Sneezing, Yawning, Falling. It's about Leonardo da Vincis note books, and books bound together by other people from da Vinci's papers. Some wit at the LRB decided to dub the piece The Da Vinci Codices (geddit?).

The article finishes with a few jokes taken from da Vinci's note books. Here's one of them:

A woman was washing clothes, and her feet were very red with cold. A priest who was passing by was amazed by this, and asked her where the redness came from, to which the woman replied that it was caused by a fire underneath her. Then the priest took in hand that part of him which made him more priest than nun, and drawing near to her, asked her very politely if she would be kind enough to light up his candle.

This from the chap who gave us the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, and (some would say) the helicopter.

There's hope for me yet.

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