Bobinogs Going

My VHS player has just gone all surreal on me. Whenever I press the fast-forward button on my remote control, the words BOBINOGS GOING appear for two seconds across the bottom of the screen.

A quick Google search reveals that Bobinogs are some BBC Wales kids' educational thing. But my telly can't get Children's BBC, and it can't get BBC Wales, and, besides, I'm not even watching the telly.

What the hell is going on?

…Hang on! It's nothing to do with my VHS. It happens every time the channel switches to BBC2!

I'm scared.

Postscript: Bobinogs Gone!

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Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Hmm - yes ive noticed this too but havent the faintest idea what the BBC think theyre up to... Actually with the state of scheduling at the moment and an increase in poor news 'stories' neither do they...

  2. Yes, and me too! Thought i was going mad when i saw it this morning. Thought my son had been messing with the telly and playing a practical joke on me, Its not April 1st yet, is it??

  3. Wow and me!! thought it was referring to the prog that was on at the time as we sometimes get the name of prog in similar black box at bottom of screen - but it obviously wasnt!! dont know where bobinog is sposed to be going anyway!!

  4. I went through the same traumatic experience. Didn't realise I was famous. Perhaps BBC have taken to advertising forthcoming programmes this way.

  5. I've been getting it too .... only happens on BBC2, other channels OK. However, I'm glad Bobinogs is going. Can we start a petition to ensure that it happens?

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