Pitchfork: The Fall to Release 6xCD Peel Sessions Box
On April 25, 50,000 people (give or take) will get even poorer when Sanctuary Records releases a six-disc collection of the Fall's sessions with John Peel. With performances starting from 1978 and continuing through 2004, the set will constitute as exhaustive and thorough a Fall collection as is currently on the market (lofty praise, given that the band has 25 studio albums and approximately 50 live and compilation albums floating around). The Fall: The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 will bring together, as the title clearly implies, all 24 of the band's Peel Sessions, and will include a 30-page booklet with some insight into the recording sessions or, at the very least, some pretty pictures.

And get this: it will even include a Fall cover of Captain Beefhearts Beatle Bones 'N' Smokin' Stones .

Wooo! It's like heaven, I said!

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  1. if those tossers at the bbc had'nt wiped the tapes,we could have had the beefheart peel sessions too! long live viv stanshall (oh he's dead isnt he,sorry)

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