The Cardinal Numbers Game

BBC: Cardinals begin electing new pope
Roman Catholic cardinals have been locked into the Sistine Chapel, beginning their secret election conclave to vote for the new pope.

In the course of the next few days or weeks, a previously fallible human being will, as if by magic, suddenly become infallible. That's one hell of a trick if you think about it. It must be nice to be infallible.

In theory, any one of 115 men could become the next pope. At this early stage in the running, however, the clever money is on Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Dean of the College of Cardinals, and erstwhile member of the Bavarian Hitler Youth.

The Roman Catholic Church apparently sees nothing incongruous in the prospect of a man who was once a member of the Hitlerjugend becoming pope. In Ratzinger's justifiable defence, membership of the Hitler Youth was compulsory in Bavaria at the time. I'm sure young Joseph made a point of following those Heil Hitlers with a few Hail Marys.

But an ex-Hitler Youth as pope? Could they really be that crazy?

Postscript: Oh, apparently they could.

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  1. ...the Wikipedia link says Ratzinger's father was a staunchly anti-Nazi police officer.

  2. ...and he deserted from the army (risking a death penalty). What should he have done?

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