1. that's the point. people are trying to do something... and its people like you who choose to provide uninformed criticism that are holding the world behind. the purpose of this years world enviroment day was to focus attention on greener cities. and it did do something, over 50 mayors of the most largest and polluted cities have signed on to make this difference.

    i do see your note following this comment section and i assume you'll delete this after i post. be my guest to ignore the truth.

  2. Well...I'm going to do my bit. From now on I'm only going to drink organic lager & fall into gardens stocked with sustainable flower beds. Just as long as they're not in my back yard!

  3. Oo-oo-oooo! Someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning, didn't she, girls?

    Uninformed criticism: that would make a great name for this website!

  4. Listen mate, I didn't lose my life in the war fighting for the rights of commie bastards like you. If you are going to argue the toss, at least do it like a man and not some poxy girl.
    Col. Effingham Daly (deceased)

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