Meet me in the crowd, people, people

Right, I'm off to Old Trafford Cricket Ground to see REM. If anyone else is going, I'll be in the corner, in the spot… light.

Postscript: Excellent concert, despite the pair of pissheads behind us who knew all of the words, but none of the tunes (I had to have a word with them). The Zutons were great in support too.

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Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Perhaps if you told us what you will be losing, we might be able to find you. Or will you be wearing the stipe(d) trousers.

  2. don't­you­find­it­really­annoying­when­people­send­you­comments­without­any­punctuation­whatsoever­not­even­a­question­mark­and­you­spend­ages­trying­to­sort­out­just­what­the­fuck­it­is­all­about­only­to­discover­that­what­you­are­reading­has­been­deliberately­designed­with­the­sole­purpose­of­completely­wasting­your­precious­time

  3. I don't want any of that coming unto their father round here, thank you. This is a family site!

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