Olympic win

BBC: London beats Paris to 2012 Games
The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London, the International Olympic Committee has announced.

Great news! Magic mustard!

Doesn't this mean, as host nation, we get to choose some new sports to trial in the 2012 games? Preferably very obscure sports that we're really good at.

Personally, I think we should choose darts, pub crawling, and missing at penalties. What do you reckon?

Postscript: It's uncanny. I'm in league with the devil, I tell you. A reader points out:

BBC: Sporting reaction to 2012 verdict

…As the newest recognised sport, darts, under the guidance of the British Darts Organisation, pledges its wholehearted support for the Olympic Games in London and would be proud to be considered as the host nation's 'invitation sport' in 2012.
British Darts Organisation chief, Olly Croft
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Richard Carter

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  1. Competitive garlic nibbling and frog swallowing - see if we rosbifs can beat our friends across the water again. Might need to get some serious training in though.

  2. While (half) listening to the announcer between programmes on BBC1 the other evening, I thought they had invented a new minority sport suitable for the olympics.
    But what I heard as 'one armed African darts contest' turned out to be 'one hour African dance contest'....shame that! It's the bells, Esmeralda, they made me deaf, you know!

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