I have seen the future of sociology

…and its name is Bruce Springsteen:

BBC: Academics to debate Springsteen

The life and works of Bruce Springsteen are to be discussed by academics at a conference devoted to the star…

Discussions include "A Marxist Perspective on Darkness on the Edge of Town" and "The Boss and the Bible".

I bloody hate sociologists (not, it has to be said, without good reason). Why do they insist on trying to be so bloody academic all the time—without actually saying anything of note whatsoever, I mean? Why can't they just say, Bruce Springsteen makes great music? Because he does actually make great music—even though it's not particularly cool to admit it.

Another thing it's not particularly cool to admit is that Fitz is (occasionally) correct: I once asked him "What the hell is sociology, then?", and he replied "The Society section of the Guardian posing as science."

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By Richard Carter

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  1. Academics to debate Springsteen? That'll keep them busy for minutes.
    Now...debating Zappa or Beefheart, that's a different matter!

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