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BBC: Austrians refuse bail for Irving

Austrian authorities have refused bail for British historian David Irving, who is facing Holocaust denial charges.

Mr Irving, 67, was arrested on 11 November in connection with two speeches he gave in Austria in 1989.

Erm, no, I think you'll find that simply isn't the case: David Irving never denied the Holocaust, he was not arrested in Austria, his non-arrest did not happen on 11th November, he is not 67, and, when he didn't deny the Holocaust, it definitely wasn't in 1989.

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Richard Carter

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  1. Based on that evidence, he doesn't stand a chance really, does he?
    Incidentally, we have a German market in the town square, as part of the build up to Christmas. There was a Polish owned stall there on the morning of the first day, but by the afternoon, the Germans had taken it over!

  2. My Swiss-german girlfriend recently caused confusion by saying 'Invasion' when she meant 'Invitation'. Suddenly the whole of 20th Century politics became clear to me. Hitler thought the Czechs and Poles were INVITING him. I'm pleased that's all cleared up.

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