Brief Encounter

Stense giving it the Elvises.

Stense and I had a fab day out in Llangollen yesterday.

It was cool.

We had tea and scones, went browsing in our favourite second-hand bookshop, drank beer, ate omelettes (without any stupid cress), took a ride on a steam train, and had a walk along the canal.

Actually, I stand corrected: it wasn't so much cool as bloody freezing.

Actually, no, I stand corrected again: it wasn't so much bloody freezing as five degrees below bloody freezing. Hence Stense's rather fetching womble-fur jacket.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. I once went to Porthmadog in the middle of August & it was cold then also. (That was just the reception from shopkeepers when they realised that I was English)

  2. Yes, Stense and I walked past a couple of locals on our canalside walk in Llangollen. They greeted us cheerfully in Welsh. When we replied in English, they immediately ignored us.

    As someone who comes from near Liverpool, I've never had much time for unfounded sterotypes (apart from when I'm employing them). This was the first time I'd encountered the Welsh one in reality. It was rather sad: I spent all my childhood holidays in North Wales, and have always found the Welsh to be very hospitable.

  3. That Stense is one attractive woman. As a TV producer (or something) do you think she would be interested in my fabulous idea for a TV show?

    OK, I'll keep it to myself.

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