1. We've just had a 300ft mobile phone mast erected up the road from us because, even though the council rejected planning permission, they neglected to write 'rejected' in the right place on the form! Our area is full of these masts & electricity pylons affecting our environment & endangering health.

    Not to mention the enormous ugly chimneys belching smoke into the atmosphere.

    Now...you moan about a few wind turbines creating a clean & safe form of power.
    Compare the two options, what would you rather have in your back yard!

  2. Mobile phone masts and electricity pylons are certainly eyesores, although their supposed detrimental effects on health are, as far as I can see, imaginary.

    I also don't want chimneys belching (coal) smoke into the atmosphere, although these new hi-tech incinerators sound interesting.

    I also don't want ineffective, taller-than-Blackpool-Tower windmills pissing in the wind.

    People are simply not going to reduce energy consumption in order to save the planet, so we need serious, non-fossil-fuel energy generation, the only viable option for which (I am genuinely sad to say) is the nuclear one.

  3. Holland..wind turbines YUP! works there.
    Belgium..there too.
    Spain..De-salination, YES. hose pipe ban, NO.
    Holland..nationalised cheap public transport.
    Malaysia..death penalty for paedophiles.

    When will we learn that Johnny foreigner isn't always wrong. Let's look further than our own govenrment's foolishness.

    ps. IRAN..nuclear power

  4. The Cumbria proposal was for 27 turbines, each of them taller than the Blackpool tower, covering an area of 22 acres, which would generate only 67 MW of power (but only when the wind blows). Your typical nuclear power station measures is power generation in GW, and is available 365 days a year. No comparison.

    The UK currently generates 4% of its power from 'renewables'. Our irresponsible government says it hopes to raise this to 10% by the end of the decade and 20% by the end of the next (assuming they can still find some unadulterated hills to plant their silly little huge windmills on).

    In 2005, the Dutch wind power generating capacity was 1.2 GW—the equivalent of a single nuclear power station.

    I'm not saying wind power doesn't have its place, but it's only a tiny part of the answer. I just wish the tree huggers would realise this and start to embrace nuclear power as well.

  5. Did John Peel not write in his autobiography that while driving Capt. Beefheart back from a gig, the great man asked him to stop the car so he could get out & hug a tree?

    I was recently in Kidderminster & took the opportunity to find The Frank Freeman School of Dancing....not quite what I expected, it's a room above a shop in a 1960s shopping complex. I even met the man who took the tickets on the door that night. He's been getting free drinks from fans for nearly 40 years in exchange for his story!

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