More text message frivolity with Stense:

Richard (08:03 BST): HOLY SHIT!! IT WORKED!

Stense (08:53 BST): What did?

Richard (08:58 BST): Don't know what you're talking about, mate. But MAJOR NEWS: I've finished building my time machine. Going on test run back to 8am today. Will keep you posted.

(I don't think Stense got it.)

Richard (12:42 BST): Time travel sucks. Am trapped inside Einsteinian time-paradox loop. Just queued behind five other mes in M&S butty dept! I was literally beside myself!

Still no reply. Evidently, Stense is no sci-fi aficionado.

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  1. Why are they still showing Michael Jackson videos on MTV etc?

    The guy's a paedo. Just cos he got away with it doesn't make it all right to act like nothing went on!

    Maybe they'll give Gary Glitter his own series soon as well!

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