A FUCKING HUGE moth just flew into my right ear!

Jesus! Bloody illuminated laptop screens!

(I think it's gone now.)

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Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Good grief, Richard. It's been four days since you posted about the moth. Surely you've recovered by now, y'great scouse softie.

  2. I've more or less recovered now, thank you for asking. For the record, however, I am not a Scouser, although I do consider them to be the most wonderful and maligned race on the planet; I am from the Wirral. Tell a true Scouser that a Wirralean is one of their number, and they will soon put you right.

  3. A bit like Geordies and Mackems then - I answer to the former because nobody knows what the latter are. The Swiss Miss and I are off to a friend's fortieth birthday celebrations next week (Dr. Paul Baker, nephew of the infinitely more doctoral Tom) which will be in Tobruk (he says, it's Knotty Ash really - how tickled we'll be). We're not taking the car.

  4. Tobruk? I think you might be confusing Liverpool with Libya. Tuebrook is my favourite Liverpool place name: try saying it in a sing-songy Scouse accent, with the second syllable rhyming with the first, and a phlegmy Scouse'k' at the end - Tyoooobrooooccchhhh - fantastic!

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