'Six easy points', my arse!

I see Liverpool have made their usual flying start to the new season with a 1-1 draw against newly promoted Sheffield United.

I have a theory (which is easily checked, but I'm not about to in case it turns out to be wrong) that, if Liverpool could average the same number of points in the first quarter of each season as they do in the remaining three-quarters, they would win the championship pretty much every year. They always seem to play totally crap at the start of the season, then spend the rest of it playing catch-up.

They also seem to be a lot better at taking points off the good teams than off the crap ones.

What's particularly irksome about yesterday's result is that I was genuinely delighted when the Blades were promoted last season, and I hope they do well (i.e. avoid relegation) this one.

But not by taking points off Liverpool.

Bloody hell, Jen's kid brother (a fanatical Blades fan) is going to be unsufferable the next time we go out for a few pints!

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