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BBC: Leo Sayer quits Big Brother house

Seventies pop star Leo Sayer has walked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house on the day he was up for eviction.

It is thought the 58-year-old quit the Channel 4 show after knocking down a door with a shovel…

Model Danielle Lloyd said she thought Leo had quit because he was "worried about being rejected" by the public.

All together now…

I won't let the show go on!

Actually, Sayer's actions are clearly a pathetic attempt to remind viewers of his biggest hit, which he will now, no doubt, be re-releasing. Just listen to a few of the lyrics:

Baby, there's an enormous crowd of people
And they're all after my blood
I wish maybe they'd tear down the walls of this theatre
And let me out… let me out

Baby, I wish you'd help me escape
And help me get away
Leave me outside my address
Far away from this masquerade

Coincidence? I'll leave it to you to decide.

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  1. He also wrote a song called 'When the money runs out'.

    which goes (or should go) :- :- :- :- *

    When the money runs out, what will we do....go on Big Brother & be watched on the loo!

    *Take That, resting between shows

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