1. I'm surprised 2 such talented individuals need the media to hype their talents. Nice to see they got a helping hand with the wedding too. Must be a struggle what with the young family.

  2. We were in Oxford Street the evening they turned on the Xmas lights. Sadly, we arrived 10 minutes after they left. Our lives have not been the same since. My wife cries herself to sleep every night. It was the same when Sir James Savile (OBE) blanked her in Tesco!

  3. Rocking link. Actually, my mate met katie (before Peter) on a flight of stairs in a Brighton Tower Block. The "harv" Meister was in a buggy and KP had a baseball cap on. Said mate helped her down 3 flights of stairs with big baby.

    He described himself at work on the Monday as "KP's new best friend"


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