Shades of 'Broadway Danny Rose'

I picked up a business card for a rubber balloon design company in a pub last week. Their tagline is Balloon Artistry For All Occasions.

All occasions? This could be just what I'm looking for. I'm thinking of throwing a little party at the end of July to mark the 588th anniversary of the First Defenestration of Prague.

Any particular occasions you would like to celebrated with artistic balloons?

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. How about a balloon to celebrate the anniversary of'Quality Seconds' selling condoms?

    You could end the fun by bursting it with a little prick!

  2. Well, Beholder's quote wasn't quite the one I had in mind, but I reckon it's still worth the three points. The one I was thinking of (from the same speech) was:

    If you take my advice, you'll probably be one of the great balloon folding acts of all time.

    (Hey, do you think, if I offered more points, I'd attract a better class of commenter? No slight intended.)

  3. I'm always surprised that a word exists to describe the act of throwing somebody out of a window - I mean it can't that common a thing to do - can it?

  4. Mr Michael Jackson seemed a little keen to rekindle interest a few years back... although strictly speaking it was debalconation.

  5. Did you know that George W. Bush has a personal assistant named Isaac Hunt? Ooh er missus!

  6. Did you have your defenestration party at the end of July?

    Thought not - all talk and no action!

    (I thought "Mike" was the traditional nickname for a Hunt)

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