Father's Day Secrets

An email to the ever excellent PostSecret weblog made stuff come out my nose today:

My dad told me the worst swear word you could possibly say was "Bostonian". It meant "someone who has no private parts." My brother and I used the word until we were teenagers and my father giggled every time we said it, right before he sent us to our rooms.

Dads should lie to their kids more often.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. My favourite lie to my daughter is when she returns home and her mother isn't about.

    "Where's Mum?"

    "She ran off with a Chinaman"

    We live in hope

  2. Every Sunday lunch time, my mother would tell me that dad had gone to see a man about a dog (drinking in the British Legion). For years I had visions of my father offering advice to somebody on dog training.

    Sometimes I wish I was still that innocent....

  3. Keith

    So desparation's near Sheffield too?

    I've always had my suspicions about Rotherham....

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