1. That term always annoys me. What does "deceptively spacious" mean? Does it mean that it's big but looks small? Does it mean that it's small but decieves you into thinking it's spacious? Is it in fact complete bollocks intended to sound impressive but mean nothing? We should be told.

    Nice cellarby the way- could use a few thousand bottles of vintage port.

  2. Agree totally with the deceptive meaning of 'deceptively spacious'. I think it's supposed to mean that it's big but looks small. Deceptively specious might be a better phrase.

    (The photo it isn't really of our cellar, if you haven't already guessed. Click it for more details. We do have a cellar, but it is what the estate agents tend to refer to as bijoux.)

  3. Daft though I may be, I had guessed that it was not in fact your cellar. Sill think it (in line with most other things) would be improved by more fine wine, however.

  4. Looks to me like the cat might have crept in.............and crept out - job done!

  5. Jen and I have big plans for a wine cellar. Actually, they're not really all that big: we just intend to start putting away a few nice bottles down there. Unfortunately, the trap-door down to the cellar sticks very badly at the moment, and opening it is a real hassle. Still, that might stop us from popping down there for a drop of the really good stuff, I suppose.

  6. It's not like you to miss out on a little wine (whichever way you spell it).

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