Nanny State turns into Midwife State

Words failurise me:

BBC: Eat well cash for mothers-to-be

Pregnant women will get about £200 paid into their bank account to spend on healthy food under a government initiative, the BBC has learned.

At the risk of sounding Tory…


Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.



    I know how you feel about read on...

    Neil Innes once wrote 'there are no coincidences, but sometimes the pattern is more obvious'

    I have been trying to arrange a day & time to meet up with a long lost school friend: He told me that he will not be around over the last weekend of September, as he will be in Memphis. I sent him an email back saying 'Meet me in BB King's on Beale Street, Sunday evening at 8pm'.

    He was amazed!He will be staying in a hotel 2 blocks along from us!

    coincidence.....of course!

  2. I would count it as money well spent if they bought themselves some clothes that didn't expose their bulging midriff. What is it about young gals today that they don't get modesty - not in a prudish way (like when mini skirts caused outrage) but more "do we really want to see that?"

  3. And how will anyone ensure that this £200 is spent on healthy eating? It's just impossible to do without ration books and state grocery stores.

    Parenthood is the thing you need least qualification for but is arguably the most important role most people play. I agree with Richard - parenthood testing is the way forward!

  4. You're so far left, you're right! Or are you so far're left...can't remember...but yes! Mandatory abortions for the poor! Are there no prisons?! Are there no workhouses?!

  5. I'm reading an old book on Eugenics at the moment, entitled What Is Eugenics? The feeble in mind, habitual criminals, birth control, selection in marriage. Really scary stuff. Made even more scary by the fact that it was written by the son of my personal hero, Charles Darwin. Made even more scary still by the fact that his intentions were entirely honourable.

    For the record, I do think there's a happy medium to be found somewhere between the nanny/midwife state and expecting people to take personal responsibility for their own actions. At the moment, I think the UK government does far too much nannying.Hence my consistent position on smoking.

  6. Your consistent position on smoking being in the comfy chair with your feel on the coffee-table?

    Just for the record, I was not, of course, really advocating abortions for the poor.It is interesting to consider, however,the evolutionary changes that would be brought over a long period by the current situation, wherethe most successful people have thefewest children and the longest generation times. There's some genetic component to almost everything.

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