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Occasionally, visitors to this site accidentally click the wrong link and leave a comment against the wrong item. Usually, if I realise their mistake, I simply move the misplaced comment over to the intended item.

Earlier this week, on the Guardian newspaper's Comment is Free website, some poor soul made a similar mistake. In an item about the ludicrous suggestion that Britain should have a national motto (politicians, huh?), a person calling themself Bleedingheart accidentally posted a comment saying:

They are the Falkland Islands, twit, and they were British long before America seized Texas, California, the rest of the "Southwest" and all the oil and minerals they contained.

They immediately realised their mistake and added a second comment:

Yikes, sorry about that, wrong thread. Ignore! Ignore!

… But it was too late: the other commenters were on to Bleedingheart.

It turns out that They are the Falkland Islands, twit would make an extremely popular national motto amongst the Guardian-reading intelligentsia.

It's worth reading the article and its comments: they made me laugh out loud at least twice. (But it should be said that I was pretty tired at the time.)

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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  1. Being one who loves all forms of political incorrectness, I had to share this with you. I was listening to this in the car & laughed aloud; It is a verse from the Dr. Feelgood song 'Sneaking Suspicion'......

    I looked for my baby.....all over the town, Inever seen so many womensince the time they closed the factory down.

    nice one, Wilko!

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