Hot date

As you might have gathered, Stense and I went out on a hot date on Tuesday night (photos here). Stense spent the whole evening mentally undressing me. Don't you just hate it when they do that? WHAT AM I: A PIECE OF MEAT?!

My social life is one crazy whirl at the moment: we went to the same pub that I had taken Carolyn to just four nights earlier. The landlady gave me a funny look as she came to collect our glasses. I don't think she was mentally undressing me. Well, I bloody well hope not.

"Be honest now," I asked the landlady, nodding at Stense, "which do you prefer, this one, or the other one? I can't make up my mind."

The landlady was too polite to venture an opinion.

"Your son has been totally out of order this evening," Stense informed my dad when he came to collect us.

"He gets it from his mother," said Dad.

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