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Someone calling themself Intentionally Blank left a comment the other day asking for a list of the podcasts I listen to. Well, Intentionally (if that is your real name), I am happy to oblige [seriously out-of-date list removed].

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Thanks very much as we speak my list of podcasts to listen to grows...

    If I may add, TWiT http://twit.tv/ a techy podcast that is sometimes fascinating and often annoyingly Mac and podcast centric. Starship Sofa (http://www.starshipsofa.com/) for sci-fi nuts. The early ones were great (OK you have to be quite geeky) after they got the hang of it, then half the presenters left BUT around the same time authors started gifting stories on audio for them to play some of which are fabulous (including Nebula/Hugo winners). All free!! The podcast isn't as good as it was TBH, he needs a side kick, but the stories are good and it can still be a great place to discover new authors.

  2. I've been meaning to try TWIT for some time, but never got round to it. I've heard Ben Goldacre on other podcasts, but didn't realise he sometimes does his own - you're right, it will be right up my street.

  3. Thanks again Richard that last hour spent painting the kitchen ceiling (well a quarter of it) went a lot quicker thanks to Mr Fry. Although mildly depressing - can it really be 25 YEARS since "Last Chance To See" was written?????

    (scurries off to check wikipedia as writing that made me think how unlikely that would be)

    Well no it's not, it's 18 years ago since it was published which is still a long time but not quite as long as I had feared. I'm still old, just not as old as Mr Fry made me feel...

    Did you notice that even in his clearly drugged and tired state he could still manage to win Just a Minute without trying? Not a hint of repetition or deviation, just a hint of hesitation and no repetition*.


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