1. We'd just left Hopson's Commissary (cotton plantation) in Clarksdale, Mississippi. It was a beautiful balmy afternoon. The cotton was swaying gently in the breeze, & the music of Pinetop Perkins was still ringing in our ears. (We later discovered that Pinetop & Hubert Sumlin were staying in the next rooms to us at our hotel). On the way back to the car, we noticed a dissused railway line, partly obscured by the long grass. Well, we just had to 'walk the line' didn't we? Suddenly, the closing bars of Click Clack came into my head. From then on, everything made sense & a feeling of calm wafted over me. That day will never leave me & here's to going back (Oct 2009).

  2. Bill (of Ann and Bill fame) often drags Ann (also of Ann and Bill fame) to the States specifically to visit places mentioned in Bruce Springsteen songs. On one trip, however, they also managed to visit the crossroads where Robert Johnson made his deal with the devil.

    I've never been over the Pond (except for a holiday in Tobago), but I'm sure I'll get out there one day. Assuming they'll still be letting Charles Darwin groupies in by then.

    HOLY SHIT!!! God's honest truth: the anti-spam code for this comment is (Upon the) MIOMY!

  3. The trouble with the Crossroads is which one is it? You see, there are lots of places where highway 61 crosses highway 49 & they all claim to be the crossroads. Funnily enough, The one in Clarksdale (complete with guitar shaped sign) is referred to by the locals as the fake crossroads. When I asked Rat (who owns what was the hospital where Bessie Smith died..now a hotel) where the real crossroads is/are, he replied 'oh, it's out there somewhere, just choose one'.

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