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BBC: Indiana Jones is back - and on form

… Director Steven Spielberg has largely jettisoned computer generated effects (much to the chagrin of tech freak Lucas) with the result that the film's action sequences have a visceral, physical quality you rarely find in modern-day blockbusters.

My biggest fear for this film was that the CGI would take over. That's not what Indiana Jones is about. CGI is too clinical and elegant; Indiana Jones is totally inelegant (in an extremely stylish way).

Glad Spielberg put his foot down. Pity he couldn't overrule Lucas on Jar Jar Binks.

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  1. While watching an interview with Steven Spielberg the other evening.....(why do we say 'the other evening'? it means nothing, as it is a vagueism.) Anyway, I digress....Karen commented that I bore a strong resemblance to the aforementioned director. The funny thing was that when I last shaved off the old face fungus, several people commented that I looked likethat well known anagram, Narcoleptic (Eric Clapton). I wonder what Spielberg looks like without his beard!

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