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The Guardian should be ashamed of itself with its punctuation: that this person was pregnant cannot be doubted, whether they are a man most certainly can be. The headline should read:

Pregnant 'man' gives birth to baby girl

Or, more accurately:

Pregnant transsexual gives birth to baby girl

(No need for disclaimer quotes at all, you see.)

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. How can you be a legal male if you retain your baby-making equipment - isn't that what makes a female a female? It's also the baby girl bit that bothers me. He sure as hell didn't give birth to a fully-formed teenager. JUST SAY GAVE BIRTH TO A DAUGHTER!!! That leads me on to my favourite bit of stupid scifi....when they clone somebody they always come out fully grown...no waiting around for 25 years for the normal foetus/child/adult process, that would ruin the drama.

  2. ONTOGENY.........if you've got an 'ontogeny' you're a scientist! (many thanks to Maureen Lipman)

  3. I love the expression 'gave birth to a little girl'. What other type of girls are being given birth? Hopefully they are all little, or there will be lots of pained expressions in maternity units everywhere.

  4. My wife described 'giving birth' as like a man trying to pass a watermelon through the endof his....I'm sure you know what I am trying to say....

  5. I had heard it described as passing a Volkswagon - and I don't mean overtaking...

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