1. Your 10 seconds of fame perhaps? Did you happen upon this or were they courteous enough to let you know that your image was being used?????????????

  2. Pertinent to the article it accompanies (well done by the way) -- what was in the parcel?

    My bro' once had a publisher ask for permission to use one of his Flickr photos (actually, it's happened twice now I think). Yonks after he had forgotten about it, he got a gorgeous book with his (almost tiny) photo on one of the pages, courtesy of the publisher. Maybe Auntie Beeb will send you a free license.

  3. It was a birthday present from Stense.

    I have also been approached by publishers asking to use my Flickr photos. I love stuff like that.

    By a pleasing coincidence, I received another such note today (from Businesspost Group plc this time), which simply said DUSTBIN!

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