Getting up to the Joneses

If you're wondering why I've been so quiet the last couple of weeks, it's because I'm ripping our entire CD collection to play on our fantastic new hi-fi (which really is utterly fantastic, by the way).

We have 1,400 CDs, and I'm ripping them in alphabetical order. I know this sounds really nerdy, but it seemed like the easiest way to avoid missing any. I'm currently on the J's: Robert Johnson: The Complete Recordings, in fact.

Anyway, can't chat: Grace Jones awaits.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. If we send you a CD by Aaron Aardvark, will you have to start all over again?

    Just wondering.....

  2. If it's any consolation, I subdidvide by genre - then alphabetically within the genre. I like to feel that I am the lost brother of medium sized Trevor Chaplin from TheBeiderbecke Affair...

    Will be seeing her Graceness for the first time at Latitude on Saturday; am I in for a treat?

  3. Not nerdy - nothing wrong with an orderly mind & music collection but I am willing to bet the first one you ripped didn't start with an A. I'll bet it was a favourite artist or track just so you could hear how awesome it sounded on the new kit.

  4. Some 30 years ago, on an early trip to the States, I spent a day in a secondhand record store in Detroit. All the bins and records carefully alphabeticised. Not much in A, B, C, D etc., but most of his stock in 'T'.......The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys. True story.

  5. Genre? Genre?....subdividing into genre? Come on, Zimscribe, everything cross references, for gods sake. Where would you put Capt. Beefheart?...blues?....psychedelia?...modern jazz? In my collection, I have Blind Willie McTell next to Matching mole & Edgard Varese next to Steve Vai.

    AsDon himself said, 'it's all one radiator'

  6. I put the good Captain in the sitting room...but the classical and jazz have to go in the kitchen due to an inadequacy of shelf space. So I'm probably really subdividing by furniture rather than genre...

  7. I split out the (small amount of) classical, but lump everything else together. But the Captain should really get his own genre. (I file him under 'B', by the way - it just seems right.)

  8. Can Richard come out & play? He's looking a bit pasty & needs some fresh air.

    When I put all my vinyl & tapes on cd, it took5 hours every evening for over 2 years.

  9. Do you sub-divide Frank Zappa,ie. Zappa under Z, Mothers of Invention under M etc, or do you lump(y gravy) it all in together? Also, do you put compilations in alphabetical order, or in genre?...shit...I'm starting to sound like Zimscribe now!

  10. I only have two Zappa albums: Hot Ratz and Bongo Fury, so I file them together under Z. I file the Captain under B. (I would like to file Phil Collins under water.)

  11. Richard, have you actually listened to anything on the system yet or are you still marvelling at its power? And have you thought about harnessing that power to land Phil Collins on Pluto (or indeed vice versa)?

    The planet, not the dog, obviously.

  12. Yes, I have listened to *some* stuff on the new hi-fi, but not much. It's awesomeness continues to astonish. But Pluto is no longer a planet, apparently.

  13. Damnation. Another brilliant plan wrecked on the ugly rocks of a fact.

    Was that *some* as in *some beans*?

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