1. At first I thought it was my auntie Winnie, but she was in Australia at the time. Then I thought John Peel with a wig...but no...I give up...who is it?

  2. ps. The video is from Pinkpop, but the audio track is from Drury Lane.

    Have a nice one, Donnie!

  3. Just been searching Youtube & found what is claimed to be Safe as Milk demos March 1967. I'd be interested in your opinion.

    Also very early 'Don on the phone' on American Bandstand...classic!

  4. Assuming we were looking at the same thing on YouTube, it sounded just like the official/final version to me (complete with vinyl crackles).

  5. In mono & segued together! There do seem to be minor differences. Iwill check with Biffy the Elephant Shrew. He is the oracle on all things FZ & CB

  6. Six? No, that was the re-mixed version...we take three weeks ,dearie. Unless there's anR in the month, then we take four weeks. Your name does begin with aP doesn't it In that case it's five arrrrgggghhhhh!

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