Namesake part deux

Long-time Gruts readers might remember that, over six years ago, I wrote about some chap with the same name as me who was a George Michael impersonator.

Well, this afternoon, this other so-called Richard Carter googled himself, found my six-year-old post, and commented on it. Check out his Stars in Their Eyes YouTube video, which I have appended to his comment.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Heh. But back then:

    Richard Carter on 05-Oct-2005 at 18:18 said:
    To avoid any confusion over who is writing these comments, I should like to point out that I (Richard “Gruts” Carter) always have a dashed orange box around my comments these days. Accept no imitations.

    Your fancy new WordPressin' has done away with the dashed orange boxes and now none of us can know for certain who is the doppelganger and who is the real Mr Michael, er, Carter.

  2. The Sean Connery lookalike with the glass of Laphroaig is the real Richard Carter—although that would be easy to fake, I suppose! I thought about bringing back the orange boxes, but decided it might spoil my new colour scheme. (The new colour scheme which is identical to the old one, that is.)

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