1. To celebrate Don's birthday next year Mrs Zappa is finally releasing the original Bat Chain Puller album in all its glory. Forget Dust Sucker, this will be the real deal!

  2. Meanwhile, here in Derby, I discover to my disappointment that the Van Vliet Flower Group isn't all that I hoped it might be...

  3. The story goes that Don added the van to sound Dutch.
    His father delivered bread, so he probably had the van first.
    A Dutch colleague informs me that van should always be written with a lower case v.

  4. My Dutch neice-in-law (sort of) confirms this - but I always use capitals at the start of sentences. She also confirms that Vliet rhymes with 'neat', not 'net'.

  5. I've just seen the cover for the new Bat Chain Puller.......
    thanks for nothing, Mrs Z

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