1. Every year at the Chicago Blues Festival (only 3 weeks to go), they pay tribute to those who have 'gone ahead' (I don't think they mean the driver of the pace car). This year will be my old elevator chatting buddy, Hubert Sumlin. (We always had a habit of meeting Hubert & Pinetop Perkins in the lift at the Essex Inn). Chicago is very proud of the Blues Brothers movies & I am sure Duck will get a big cheer.

  2. We wanted to visit Maxwell Street market, where some of the scenes were filmed. Unfortunately the University bought the land for redevelopment, bulldozed it & put a wire fence round it. That was many years ago...it is still the same. The tourist department didn't miss a trick & took over a street with a few old warehouses, renamed it Maxwell Street & encouraged the local market traders to set up there.
    I love the movie, but the sight of Blues Brothers tribute acts in black suits, hats & sunglasses quite frankly leaves me cold.

  3. and the all time greats like B B King and Steve Winwood and Jr Wells and Eric Clapton (well, maybe not Eric Clapton) & a few country guys thrown in to try to appeal redneck audience.
    The sequel is in a way more relevant to me , mainly because most of the places they filmed at in Chicago are still there.
    But yes, the first film had music & a great plot...this one had the music & a pretty unimaginative plot.

  4. I am no fan of Eric Clapton, but his guest appearance on Stephen Stills' eponymous first solo album (track 5, 'Go Back Home') is some of the best guitar playing you will ever hear. He starts rocking out at about 3:39.

  5. I like Duck's comment.
    When it happens the other way round, they call it Country & Western!

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