The Olympic Games are not two days old, and already the Brits are showing a totally bloody typical defeatist attitude:

BBC: Olympics venues stuffed - Lord Coe

Granted, we're having one or two problems with the Olympic venues, but that doesn't mean they're totally stuffed, does it, Lord Coe? Where's your sense of proportion? Where's your Blitz Spirit?

Imagine if Churchill had said we were stuffed two days after Dunkirk. Old Adolf would have been foxtrotting goose-stepping down the Mall and having us singing La Marseillaise within a week.

We are Team GB! Hear us roar!

Let's go!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. One of the highlights for me so far was seeing the portrait of our friend Charlie in the intro to the opening ceremony. The portrait group was, in order presented, Shakespeare, Newton, Austin, Darwin, Lennon & McCartney.

    Paul Hutch FCD

  2. I didn't watch the opening ceremony: The Empire Strikes Back proved to be far too tempting an alternative. I wonder what an earth Jane Austen was doing there. The token woman?

  3. After very careful consideration, my verdict on the Olympics (build-up, expense, venues, performance etc.), was and still is:


  4. So Adolf was French, was he? Or did he have a soft spot for La Marseillaise?

    My son just phoned to see if I was free on Saturday. Apparently lots of tickets have been made available for the gymnastics at Greenwich (pronounced grin-itch)...'at all prices'.
    What they neglected to say was that those prices started at £135.
    Sport for all?...pah!

  5. A joke only works if you don't have to explain it!
    A bit like Americans not understanding irony.
    When I started working at special school I was told 'never use sarcasm with children'. I asked if it was because they found it hurtful or cruel.
    The reply was...'no, they just don't understand it'.

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