It's my neighbour's fault!

I think you all owe Carolyn an apology.

Remember how you scoffed when she had me dowsing for fault lines in a field behind her house a couple of years back? Remember how you guffawed when I pointed out that this is what a fault actually looks like:

The Howgill Fells
The Howgill Fells two years ago.

Remember how you clutched your trousers in mirth when I quipped:

If you do happen to notice one of these in your garden, please let me know.

Well, I just discovered an online British Geological Survey map of the Hebden Bridge area, and there appears to be what can only be described as an invisible fault line running right underneath my next-door neighbour's house.


So, you all stand corrected. Carolyn was right, and you were wrong.

(Apart from all that nonsense about dowsing, obviously.)

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. I wholeheartedly accept that there may be fault lines in Carolyn's garden.

    However, i continue to believe that planting flowers would do more for the bees than placing them on a fault line, real or imaginary.

    And anyway, a very brief glance at the above map clearly shows that you, Richard, are the one at fault.

  2. PS Something about your new site (or new mod' thereto) suddenly causes to make Firefox take up 300MB and consume 50% of the server CPU time! I suspect that may be my limit. Any chance you have a circular script of something in there?

  3. PPS the gruts home page is much the worst - this page takes only 15% CPU time. But even so!

  4. I'd be very surprised if it's the new plugin: it is an extremely popular plugin used on millions of websites; somebody would have said something!

    I wonder if it might have something to do with that huge video I posted the other day.

    I also use Firefox (on Windows 7) and am not experiencing any problems.

    I was intending to reduce the number of posts on the Gruts home page to improve performance. I'll give it a tweak now.

    Anyone else noticed any problems?

  5. OK, I have dropped the number of items on the home page so that the huge video no longer appears. I have also disabled a few plugins (but not the new one).

    I wonder if the problem might be with the recent embedded Twitter tweets: I have only recently started using them. Is this post processor-heavy?

  6. The twitter embedded post takes a little more (fluctuates 8-45% on mine) but even the old post on dowsing takes 5-35% even once it's loaded, which seems a lot to me.

  7. I did a bit of Googling and found that some people have been experiencing CPU usage problems with the plugin. So I've deactivated several modules of the plugin which I wasn't using.

  8. Still running a bit high on the home-page but individual pages are fine now.


  9. Thanks. It must have been one of the features I disabled. I'm guessing it was the Stats module (which I don't use). I have made the same changes on my other sites.

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