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BBC: Tsonga and Azarenka among seven to pull out of Wimbledon
Seven players have been forced to pull out of Wimbledon on Wednesday in the most injury-hit second round in the competition's history...

Organisers rejected Azarenka's claims that the courts were of poor quality, describing them as "excellent". But Maria Sharapova, who lost to Michelle Larcher De Brito on court two, referred to the surface as "dangerous".

Watching Wimbledon? Me neither.

Here's a suggestion how to make tennis more interesting—by which, I mean, here's a suggestion how to make tennis even vaguely interesting: any player who has to retire injured after a fall should be shot like a racehorse. That would make them think twice before saying they'd twisted their poor, little ankle. More to the point, it would make them think several hundred times before going on to the stupid court in the first place.

Then we wouldn't have to put up with even shittier telly than normal for most on June.

(I am so not a tennis person.)

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