Raw Spirit: In Search of the Perfect Dram

by Iain Banks.

Iain (M) Banks gets paid to travel round Scotland drinking malt whisky.

Raw Spirit

I enjoyed this book, and was pleased to see that my own preferred malt comes high on Banks's list. Despite being a Scot, he is evidently a man of great taste.

One very minor gripe: on page 298, Banks eats an ice cream in Parkgate on the Wirral (birthplace of the Friends of Charles Darwin), but he neglects to mention that, when visiting Parkgate, you must buy your ice cream from Nicholls post office; not The Parkgate Ice Cream Shop.

…Oh yes, and one other thing: Banks couldn't be more wrong when he says that it doesn't really matter what kind of glass you drink your single malt whisky out of. Edinburgh lead-crystal tumblers should be the drinking vessel of choice.

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