Book review: ‘Next to Nature’ by Ronald Blythe

‘Next to Nature’ by Ronald Blythe

Next to Nature is an anthology of pieces from Ronald Blythe’s long-running (and utterly wonderful) Wormingford series. It was published to mark the veteran country writer’s 100th birthday. Sadly, Blythe died a short while later.

As with all the books in the original series, Next to Nature is a wonderful mix of unpretentious prose with deep knowledge and an ever-present dry humour. The pieces comprise short, thoughtful reflections on country and parish life, the natural world, the changing seasons, literature, scripture, and history. It is pure comfort reading.

Personally, I would recommend you read the whole series, but if that prospect sounds too daunting, this anthology is a fine place to get a taster.

Highly recommended.

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