Saturn's Moons: WG Sebald—a Handbook

by Jo Catling & Richard Hibbit (eds).

One for the Sebald nerds.

Saturn's Moons

This book is intended for serious Sebald groupies. It is meticulously researched, extremely academic, and weighty in both senses of the word.

I found it fascinating reading, even though it does border on the obsessive at times. The only real disappointment was the chapter on photography—a key component of Sebald's writing—which I found pretentious and unenlightening. There were also a couple of short pieces by Sebald reproduced in their original German, without English translations. Thanks for that.

But the rest is riveting.

The book also introduced me to the extremely useful academic word nachlass: the documents left behind by a deceased author/scholar.

In summary, this book is compulsive reading for Sebald nerds. If you're not a Sebald nerd, it is probably best avoided.

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