The Cabaret of Plants

by Richard Mabey

Botany and the imagination.

The Cabaret of Plants

The Cabaret of Plants comprises a series of mostly (but see below) very well-researched essays about all things plant. The essays are arranged according to rough themes (famous trees, the history of botany, the mythology of plants, etc.). As always, Mabey is very readable and informative.

Unfortunately, the central thrust of one of the essays in this book is based on a scientific howler: Mabey confuses the Second Law of Thermodynamics (which, contrary to what he claims, was not discovered by Isaac Newton) with the Second Law of Motion (which was). Other than that, though, a very enjoyable read.

Finally, a word about the physical book. My hardback copy of The Cabaret of Plants is printed on gorgeous, high-quality, heavyweight paper. Well done, Profile Books! All hardback books should be of this quality, but they seldom are.

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