Book review: ‘Allegorizings‘ by Jan Morris

Allegorizings‘ by Jan Morris

Following Jan Morris’s wishes, publication of this entertaining collection of essays had to wait until after her death. I’m not sure why she felt the need for the delay: to allow her time to keep adding new material is my best guess; and, perhaps, to reward her long-term fans with a posthumous treat.

This is a lovely, eclectic collection. Eclectic, yet somehow possessing what Morris, in her ‘pre-mortem’, describes as ‘a sort of crepuscular unity’. It’s very much a late-life book, although never morbid.

These essays cover, among many other topics: falling over; train journeys; sneezing; Tenzing Norgay; wanting to marry one’s cat; cruise-liners; Bloomsday; Provence; and whistling.

Like I say, eclectic. And lovely.

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