Sistine Chapel ceiling, Vatican

God (right), 4004 BCE.

I was just thinking about God.

Assuming, for the sake of argument, that an omnipotent God exists—which He doesn't, obviously, but just assuming…

Presumably an omnipotent God would be perfectly capable of creating an exact, equally omnipotent copy of Himself. No point in being omnipotent if You can't do something like that, is there? I mean, if You couldn't, it would rather cast doubt on Your omnipotence, wouldn't it?

So, setting aside the rather massive issue of where a God Who is, after all, also supposed to be omnipresent would manage to find space to put an exact copy of Himself (Jen pointed out that God is also supposed to be omniscient, so He should easily be able to work that one out—and I suppose two omniscient minds would be better than one), here's my question:

What if the two omnipotent Gods then decided to have a fight? Who would win?

They really haven't thought this one through, have they?